Good just got amazing.

Good just got amazing.

We used to make you smile. Now, you’ll fall in love.
Welcome to a brand-new payments experience.

We used to make you smile. Now, you’ll fall in love.
Welcome to a brand-new payments experience.

Finaro formerly credorax
Finaro logo

There are no products.
Only solutions

Your business doesn’t have time for problems.
We’ve innovated brilliantly simple payment solutions
to help you grow, thrive and sleep well at night,
knowing your payments are covered. Globally.


Without people
business doesn’t exist

We don’t have customers, we have
relationships. We work together with you, to
co-create the perfect solutions for you.

Business is business, but we are ‘people’
people first.

Finaro is about people first

Making payments

We eat, sleep and breathe payments. We’re
crazy about our customers, passionate about
payments and tireless innovators of tech.

In short – we’ve done all the work so that you
can focus on yours.

Finaro is about simplifying payments

Less friction for
more growth

We make sure you never miss a transaction.
From mobile to online, to in-store payments,
our products, solutions, and technology are all
designed to be seamless, so that every
transaction goes through. No matter what.

Finaro is about removing payment friction

We’ve got awesome friends

Don’t take our word for it,
discover who’s saying what about our:

“Finaro enabled us to process payments globally. We can accept nearly every currency, which of course is very important to our customers. They make Reconciliation simple and they investigate and optimize our approval rates. They also helped us to quickly scale our processing and easily review our transaction data. We have a unique relationship. They understand our needs and take care of them right away.”

Patrik Novak VP of Financial Solutions,

“Finaro helped us to reduce our chargeback rate, increase our acceptance rate and to radically improve the processing environment within our business.”

Ross Williams Founder and Co-CEO of Venntro Media Group

“Finaro brought us Apple Pay, state of the art back office and support, optimized approval rates, less friction and seamless payments.

They always resolve everything with a rapid response, within a few days and it’s just a win-win situation for both companies.”

Mickael Marceau Head of Payments, Kindred Group

“It’s the way they build their relationships on all levels; C-level, account management, operations, customer support. It’s a two-way process. We always get a positive response in a timely manner. We grow and develop together, strategically. This enables us to mutually benefit. That is something that doesn’t happen in many business relationships.”

Stephen Ferry Pay 360 by Capita