Acquiring. Got weird and wonderful
payments challenges? No problem.

When it comes to acquiring, we know that it’s never one size fits all. We’ll untangle even your most wicked problems, and provide brilliantly simple creative acquiring solutions to solve them, so that you can get back to business. Pronto.

Approval rates Optimization

Your entire transaction funnel. Fully analyzed. Work closely with our e-payment consultants and analysts to fully optimize your payment processing for minimum losses and maximum bottom line.

PSP/PF onboarding

Get set up. Immediately. Onboard sub-merchants, POS devices, and payment channels in minutes via our Payment API. No prior integration. No checks. No hassle.

Currencies & remittance

FX? No problem. Simplify settlement across currencies with competitive conversion rates for funds in the currency of your choice. Get flexible schedules for optimal compatibility and detailed reconciliation reports for simple and straightforward payment tracking.

Fraud Prevention

Nip fraud in the bud. Protect your business and your customers with brilliantly simple patented fraud solutions built on advanced Fraud Score Models and Rules Management.

Chargeback management

Chargebacks? Easy breezy. Win your chargebacks with effective fraud management and chargeback control. Stop chargebacks before they even happen with our pre-notification chargeback service, and refund the transaction before the chargeback is filed with the scheme. Perfect.

Data and support

Make informed business decisions. Query data in real-time with our API for unified data management. Access our online portal to easily manage transactions, refunds, chargebacks, reports, and more. Get 24/7, personal dedicated support via phone, mail, or chat.


Why Finaro?

We make multidimensional payments simple,
so that you can focus more on your business, and less on your payments.